Every organization that implements Voice over IP (VoIP) should also consider looking closely at Fax over IP (FoIP).

Add value to your organization:

By adding FoIP, organizations can consolidate voice, fax and data on a single, common broadband resource and experience significant cost savings, reduced administrative time and increased security and compliance.

FoIP in your organization:

How does a FoIP investment fit into your organization’s overall document distribution strategy? Ask yourself a few questions…

  • Are you planning to migrate to an IP environment, or are you already in the process?
  • Would you like to consolidate your voice, fax and data communications?
  • Will paperless faxing help you reduce your organization’s carbon footprint?
  • Are you looking for 100% secure document delivery from any business application in your organization?
  • Are you searching for ways to reduce operating costs including long distance charges and PSTN fees?

See the difference in your bottom line.

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