Human Resource Management can be a source of strategic advantage for every company, but is your Human Resources department able to effectively and efficiently do their job?

The amount of paper and electronic documents that any HR department generates and reaceives can be huge with numerous files having to be maintained for every employee and applicant. In addition, ensuring compliance with regulations is essential as well as improving departmental efficiency.

How FileDirector can assist?

Our document management software for Human Resources helps HR department retain documents for the appropriate time and improve office efficiency. Personal information for every employee and applicant’s information is safely stored in our electronic repository for quick and easy access.

Now every resume, cover letter, internal memo, employee review, sick leave request and more is traceable and easily maintained.

Reduce Compliance and Legal Issues

HR documents like employee files, medical records, and Investment documents can be stored in the system to ensure separation of key HR files. Security features protect employee privacy and comply with. Never again lose or misplace documents, even odd sized documents such as doctor’s notes.


  • Central repository for all HR documentation
  • Save time and space filling and retrieving documents
  • Create segregated and secured personnel documents
  • Develop best practices for your departmental records management
  • Rapid Deployment equals rapid ROI
  • You can be up and running today
  • Guaranteed user adoption with the user friendly, flexible interface
  • Let HR staff focus on core activities and less on paperwork
  • Know the status and location of all candidates and employee records in your system
  • Enable staff to view required documents simultaneously
  • Never lose or misplace a file again!

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