The Saint-Georges Polyclinic is a private, 100-bed healthcare facility serving the Royan region of France with a state-of-the-art facility that includes a surgical clinic, emergency medical services, and a versatile rehabilitation center. It’s 200+ staff members consist of medical experts with a wide range of expertise – from doctors, medical coordinators and a full surgical team to highlytrained nursing staff and more.


For years, the polyclinic’s main means of document transfer was email. The announcement of the GDPR amplified both clinic staff and patient awareness of the necessity for security, inspiring the team to seek a more reliable and secure method for transmitting the large volume of sensitive patient information that the clinic staff send and receive between patients, other doctors and healthcare facilities, insurance providers, legal experts, and more on a daily basis. On top of that, they required a solution that could handle larger file transfers than email was typically capable of: their sensitive patient files often included x-rays or collections of documents that exceeded attachment size limits. This forced them to frequently resort to using postal delivery services, which with the printing, labor, and postage fees could get quite expensive.

The polyclinic team had experimented with a free online secure file transfer service, but it didn’t quite meet their usability expectations and security concerns. Dr. Thierry Germonville, Orthopedic Surgeon at Saint-Georges was also looking for a solution that was easy for both staff and patients to use. He alone is capable of doing upwards of 90 transmissions of sensitive patient data on a monthly basis. After considering 2 to 3 other secure file exchange solutions on the market, the Saint-Georges Polyclinic found the simplicity and robust security features they were looking for in XMedius SendSecure.


Dr. Germonville was immediately satisfied with the XMedius representatives’ ability to answer any and all security and user questions he had. The SendSecure solution was rapidly deployed, requiring no downtime in day-to-day clinic operations. The simple interface required minimal user training, and in the months since it’s been in use, he reports that clients and other third parties have had no issues on the receiving end.


Aside from helping the clinic with GDPR compliance, Dr. Germonville enjoys that SendSecure’s built-in audit trail function helps him and his staff easily keep track of all file transmissions. They’ve been astounded that for a solution built with security reinficements like double encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA), and virus scan capabilities, it’s so easy to use that even their more elderly patients have no problem downloading and opening files.

Another major benefit has been savings in both cost and time. The pricey process of mailing medical information like lab results at times took weeks for the Saint-Georges staff and has now been reduced to minutes. SendSecure’s 5TB file limit per transmission has also eliminated any concerns previously associated with using email. Dr. Germonville also happily reports that even though he’s aware of XMedius’ exceptional customer support, he hasn’t had to contact any of the company’s trained experts since SendSecure was deployed because there have been zero issues.

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