Why Fax is Still Important?

  • Fax is legally binding

  • UETA of 1999, fax contracts are legally binding
  • Regulatory compliance – Personal Data (Privacy) Ordiance (Cap. 486), HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Graham-Leach-Bliley Act, Basel II
  • For highly regulated industry, e.g. Banking, Finance & Insurance, Legal Firm, Health Care, Hospital
  • EMail is not legal binding
  • Email is not secure

  • Email is transmitted through the Internet, captured and scanned by various third parties e.g. Hilary email scandal
  • Avoid hackers which lead to information leakage
  • Avoid Locky Ransowmare Virus
  • Email cannot protect privacy (PIA)

  • Sending privacy documents throug email means information exposed to the public
  • Fax is a tamper-proof transmission

  • Fax is a secure “point-to-point” communication but email is not
  • Proof of delivery with exact time stamp
  • During transmission, cannot copy, tape and hack
  • Avoid email blocking, delay or attachments missing
  • A universally accessible and accepted format

Why use Fax Server to Replace Fax Machine or MFP Fax?

  • Consolidation & Audit Trail

  • Consolidate all fax transmission
  • Centralize all fax records and provide audit trail
  • Avoid users sending unauthorized documents
  • Save Cost and Achieve Green Office (Environmental Protection)

  • Consolidate all fax machines and MFP fax
  • e.g. 20 fax machines or MFP fax line can consolidate to 4 to 8 lines fax server
  • Compliance with ISO14000
  • Reduce fax line, manual work, fax consumption
  • Save electricity, water, trees, papers, etc
  • Efficient and easy to use

  • Send fax throug desktop, email, web, ERP
  • Auto-faxing: Can integrate with backend systems to send fax automatically

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