Document scanning is the process in which scanners are used to convert paper documents into electronic document images.

There are many advantages of scanning documents as it helps cut costs, increase productivity and improves access to information.

  • Reduces stress levels by removing all those piles of paper.
  • Saves money by recovering the space used by filing cabinets
  • Increase customer as well as employee satisfaction by responding to queries instantly with exactly the information needed
  • No need to print or photocopy documents for people to view them at the same time.

Rincon’s scanning services can help you digitise your documents. We can scan your paper documents into electronic PDF or TIFF documents using high volume, high quality scanners coupled with experienced operators who are also responsible for Quality control checks and enhancements / noise reduction before releasing the images for production.

We don’t stop there. We can also “index” the documents so that you may push it into a document management system (not necessarily the one we supply) and then can search and retrieve the images when needed.

Why outsource when you can do it in-house?

If you have small daily volumes of documents which need a quick turnaround time then we would recommend that you do it yourself using a small desktop scanner.

In-house document scanning requires:
  • Buying scanners and software
  • Organising documents and files
  • Training and / or hiring staff

Hence in case of larger volumes of documents (read many thousands) are generally best outsourced to a professional scanning company like ours. We use high quality, high-speed scanners, which generate excellent image quality and keep costs down due to the ability to process large numbers of documents in a short space of time. You also benefit from our existing QA procedures, which would take time and training to implement in house.

By outsourcing your scanning project, you transfer costs, risks and responsibilities to a company with scanning and imaging expertise. From the initial document preparation phase to the final delivery of your digital images, the entire process is handled by dedicated, screened scanning technicians who ensure your documents are scanned quickly and securely with unparalleled quality. In the meantime, as your documents are being scanned, you can continue focusing on growing your business!

What are the types of documents can we scan?

We can scan virtually any business document right from business cards upto to A0 documents. Some of the types of documents scanned are:

  • Invoices
  • Delivery Challans / Proofs of Delivery
  • Application Forms
  • Contracts
  • Insurance Claims
  • Legal Briefs
  • Medical Patient Records
  • Employee records

The list is just cursory and can be extended to any conceivable document.

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