TPAs are inundated with emails and these mails are critical in nature. The number of emails is increasing exponentially and managing them is an arduous task. Is there a solution that can help automate this ever increasing volume?

Introducing EMail Integrator, an application that runs in the background, saves time and allows you to focus on your important tasks. It works with any email box like Exchange server, Cloud emails service Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo mail, Hotmail,, any IMAP4 or POP3.


  • Auto printing and stamping of Insurance emails
  • Export your emails to PDF for integration
  • Customised auto reply to the sender’s email
  • Auto Archival of sent and received emails for future reference
  • Quick searching of emails
  • Reports
  • Keep your email box clean

How will it help you?

  • Save all emails received from insurance companies in PDF, eml, txt for compliance and for future reference
  • Download insurance companys’ emails / attachments and integrate with your HIS
  • Automatically forward your patients’ insurance emails to the concerned person in the department
  • Print patients’ insurance emails directly to your desk printer.

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